Becky Durana

I worked with Greg from CGK Business Sales to gain better understanding of a business I was considering buying this year. His approach was clear and organized and he was able to explain some concepts to me in ways that made them easy to understand even though I didn’t have experience with the concepts before. Greg was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable every step of the way. He took time to dig into documents and gain a deep understanding of the deal under consideration. I can’t imagine a better experience with an M&A advisor, especially compared with other Baltimore business brokers. I have some knowledge of buying and selling businesses, but it is very limited compared to Greg’s expertise with mergers and acquisitions. I highly recommend CGK Business Sales for anyone looking to sell a business or buy a business. After going through the process with Greg, it is clear to me that he understands the value drivers in businesses and can help business owners clearly communicate this to potential buyers just as easily as he is able to help potential buyers gain an understanding of potential purchases.

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