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Are you looking to sell a business in Denver? Finding the right buyer can be a difficult task without assistance. However, investors from the Denver area, all over the United States and throughout the world are looking for businesses to buy. Owners often simply need help in connecting with these individuals. A merger and acquisition advisory firm can be of great help at this time, as they provide advice on a wide range of matters relating to the purchase or sale of a business. This includes advice on equity financing and debt, among other things.

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Turn to CGK Business Sales if you have revenue of more than $1 million dollars and want to sell your Denver business or need a business valuation. Call (303) 974-7978 or fill out the form below to start.  Completely confidential.

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Greg Knox, Managing Principal, CGK Business Sales



Greg Knox, CFA has spent his 20+ year career in investment banking, private equity, a hedge fund, and institutional trading, at institutions as Deutsche Bank, T. Rowe Price, and Wachovia. After his MBA at Cornell... (click Greg's picture to read more)

Derik Polay, Managing Director, CGK Business Sales



Derik Polay has over twenty years of experience in distressed securities and mergers and acquisitions and seven-plus years of upper-management positions at small and middle-market businesses. Derik’s previous ... (click Derik's picture to read more)

Eric Lewis, Managing Director, CGK Business Sales



Eric Lewis has over 17 years of experience in the financial industry. He has worked for a breadth of companies ranging from investment banks to proprietary trading firms. Following his MBA at the University of Chicago, Eric... (click Eric's picture to read more)

Jason Clendaniel, Managing Director, CGK Business Sales



Jason Clendaniel has been in “business” since he was seven years old. Whether mowing lawns, or delivering papers, Jason learned business from the ground up. After graduating from the United States Naval Academy... (click Jason's picture to read more)

Matthew Mistica, Managing Director, CGK Business Sales



Matthew Mistica has 13+ years of experience in finance and entrepreneurship. Matthew spent 7 years in Corporate Finance working for Chevron and Shell Oil. After his MBA at the University of Houston ... (click Matthew's picture to read more)

Wes McDonough, Managing Director, CGK Business Sales



Wes McDonough has over 18 years of experience in M&A, corporate finance, and entrepreneurship. Previous to CGK, Wes held numerous positions, including accounting, payroll, billing, project management, and IT/Application Support at ... (click Wes' picture to read more)

Matthew Zienty, Managing Director, CGK Business Sales



Matthew Zienty has 20+ years of financial industry experience in areas ranging from institutional equity trading, currency trading, financial sales, RIA valuations, payout/loan negotiations & compliance. He has worked for ... (click Matthew's picture to read more)

David Smoot, Managing Director, CGK Business Sales



David Smoot has 20 successful years working for Fortune 500 companies in sales and finance and owning his own small businesses. His leadership roles included sales, finance, managing multi-million dollar product launches, training new ... (click David's picture to read more)




Mr. Thomas “Jay” Lennon is an Air Force veteran, combat aviator, and distinguished leader with 26 years’ experience leading multi-million dollar projects, finance, and organizational transitions, inside and outside of the government.... (click Jay's picture to read more)

Lance Hupfeld, Managing Director, CGK Business Sales


Director of Business Development

Lance Hupfeld has over 25 years of experience in sales and business development management. With a broad array of valuable experience, Lance has deep knowledge in healthcare consulting... (click Lance's picture to read more)

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