Why hire a business broker to sell your business?

When an entrepreneur decides to sell a business, it’s usually a bad idea to jump into a sale without the help of a knowledgeable, experienced business broker. A business owner can prepare for the sale process by retaining an experienced business broker, and, as long as that person is qualified for the job, the return on investment is often high for the seller. The difficulty of selling a business while trying to run it, and the disadvantages of going through the process and leaving empty-handed, are some of the biggest reasons to hire a knowledgeable advisory team like CGK. Read on to learn more about fees, the vetting process, and our role in business brokerage.

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What fees can you expect?

An business broker typically sees their biggest payout when a deal is closed. Known as a success fee, this payout is often based on the transaction’s final price. Success fees are typically negotiated by the advisor and the business owner when the relationship is formalized. These fees usually depend on the business’s final sale price. Fees are usually standard in the industry. If the contract calls for a percentage of the sale price, business brokers are motivated to maximize the transaction’s value for the business owner. Along with success fees, many business brokers require upfront or monthly retainer fees, which assure the seller’s commitment to the process. At CGK Business Sales, we do not require upfront fees or monthly retainer fees. We believe that your success is our success. We are only paid when the business sells.

How do you choose the right partner for your business sale?

Business owners should carefully examine a potential business broker’s competence, experience, and reputation before signing a letter of engagement. Sellers should look for a positive history of past deals, advanced education and industry credentials, testimonials from past clients, and endorsements from other industry professionals. When business brokers have worked in similar industries, they may be more acquainted with potential buyers.  At CGK Business Sales, we have done deals in nearly every industry, usually multiple times.


What is the business broker’s role in preparing your company for sale?

A considerable amount of work goes into preparing the business’ marketing materials before a sales pitch is made, and adequate financial information is crucial. At CGK, we ensure that our clients have their financial statements adjusted and, if the company is large enough, a quality of earnings report ordered. We see to it that your company is properly valued before the process begins, helping clients understand how their balance sheets and income statements are connected to their cash flow statements. Beyond financial information, your CGK business broker also ensures that working capital and physical materials, such as inventory and property, plant, and equipment are all at proper levels. Getting an idea of supplier and customer concentration levels is another important task, as potential buyers will want some level of assurance that current customers will stay as the company changes hands. CGK leads you through this complex process step-by-step.

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How do business brokers bring your company to market?

During this stage, CGK Business Sales puts the company on the market and chooses a method that maximizes the seller’s chances of success. In many cases, this involves contacting select, potential buyers ahead of time to gauge their interest. We also manage the process efficiently by qualifying buyers based on seriousness, expertise, and available capital. Depending on the business, we may also decide to show the business to a limited number of potential buyers at one time. No two companies are the same, and your CGK advisor tailors their approach to your needs.


How is the deal finalized?

Finally, you can feel confident knowing that your CGK business broker will help you negotiate terms, including the working capital included, escrows, asset allocation (if it is an asset deal), and other important issues. If contingent payments, non-compete clauses, or consulting contracts are needed, CGK will help you formalize these components as well. Call your nearest nearest CGK Business Sales team or contact us today.

What They’re Saying

My experience in working with Greg Knox of CGK Business Sales was 5 star. Greg was clear, straight forward and prompt in all of my dealings with him. I received excellent and strategic advise for the sale of my business. This is a ringing endorsement for CGK Business Sales.

Jan Goldman

Having never sold a business before I had no idea what to expect. We chose CGK because of their presentation, preparation and their energy to sell our business/property. Wes was outstanding in walking us through each step, offering us guidance, perspective and a sounding board when needed. There were what seemed to be insurmountable obstacles at times during this process. Without Wes's dedication, perseverance, ingenuity and his ability to work with people the sale would not have happened. I would strongly recommend Wes and CGK Business Sales. Top notch customer service.

Suzanne Piispanen

After doing an extensive evaluation and comparing their prior work and sale strategy to that of several other business brokers in the area, we selected CGK Business Sales to represent us in the sale of our business. Their credentials, knowledge, experience and enthusiasm about our business set them apart. They helped us understand the sale dynamics of the M&A mid-market and created realistic valuation expectations. We concluded their ability to understand and promote our very successful, high growth but unusual business, would result in the best outcome. We were right in our assessment. Derik located multiple interested strategic buyers that produced more than one serious offer. The negotiations with the acquiring company were tough with some significant bumps that Greg and Derik’s experience helped us overcome. We got a great result for our employees and for the owners. We would recommend them without reservation.

Bob Taylor

Greg is extremely knowledgeable in the Mergers and Acquisitions space. His expertise was extremely valuable in getting a true valuation on a business opportunity. The seller and I came to a fair agreement just today and I couldn't be happier with Greg's continued support and dedication through the negotiation. There were multiple opportunities for me to make a mistake and his guidance was beyond reproach. The outcome was exactly as it should be thanks to CGK Business Sales. I hope to complete this deal and when the next opportunity arises I won't be looking anywhere else. Thanks again Greg.

Darin LaFon
Greg Knox, Managing Principal, CGK Business Sales



Greg Knox, MBA, CFA has spent his 20+ year career in investment banking, private equity, a multi-billion dollar hedge fund, and institutional trading, at such institutions as Deutsche Bank, T. Rowe Price, and Wachovia... (click Greg's picture to read more)

Derik Polay, Managing Director, CGK Business Sales



Derik Polay has over twenty years of experience in distressed securities and mergers and acquisitions and seven-plus years of upper-management positions at small and middle-market businesses. Derik’s previous ... (click Derik's picture to read more)

Eric Lewis, Managing Director, CGK Business Sales



Eric Lewis has over 17 years of experience in the financial industry. He has worked for a breadth of companies ranging from investment banks to proprietary trading firms. Following his MBA at the University of Chicago, Eric... (click Eric's picture to read more)

Jason Clendaniel, Managing Director, CGK Business Sales



Jason Clendaniel has been in “business” since he was seven years old. Whether mowing lawns, or delivering papers, Jason learned business from the ground up. After graduating from the United States Naval Academy... (click Jason's picture to read more)

Matthew Mistica, Managing Director, CGK Business Sales



Matthew Mistica has 13+ years of experience in finance and entrepreneurship. Matthew spent 7 years in Corporate Finance working for Chevron and Shell Oil. After his MBA at the University of Houston ... (click Matthew's picture to read more)

Wes McDonough, Managing Director, CGK Business Sales



Wes McDonough has over 18 years of experience in both entrepreneurship and corporate finance. Previous to CGK, Wes held numerous positions, including accounting, payroll, billing, project management, and IT/Application Support at ... (click Wes' picture to read more)

Matthew Zienty, Managing Director, CGK Business Sales



Matthew Zienty has 20+ years of financial industry experience in areas ranging from institutional equity trading, currency trading, financial sales, RIA valuations, payout/loan negotiations & compliance. He has worked for ... (click Matthew's picture to read more)

David Smoot, Managing Director, CGK Business Sales



David Smoot has 20 successful years working for Fortune 500 companies in sales and finance and owning his own small businesses. His leadership roles included sales, finance, managing multi-million dollar product launches, training new ... (click David's picture to read more)




Mr. Thomas “Jay” Lennon is an Air Force veteran, combat aviator, and distinguished leader with 26 years’ experience leading multi-million dollar projects, finance, and organizational transitions, inside and outside of the government.... (click Jay's picture to read more)

Lance Hupfeld, Managing Director, CGK Business Sales


Director of Business Development

Lance Hupfeld has over 25 years of experience in sales and business development management. With a broad array of valuable experience, Lance has deep knowledge in healthcare consulting... (click Lance's picture to read more)

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