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Ready to Sell? We Are the Top Austin Business Brokers & We Can Help.

If you own a business in the Austin area, you may have wondered if it’s time to sell. If you’re thinking about selling, how do you go about it? Selling a business isn’t always easy, but we can help. Our team of expert Austin business brokers has experience selling businesses, and we can sell just about any business. We help connect you with the right buyer, so you can stop being a business owner and know the business and legacy that you have built is taken care of for the future. We can also help if you’re looking to buy a business and be your own boss, or want to expand your current business through acquisition.

Is it Time to Sell?

Knowing the exact right time to sell can make a tremendous difference in how much your proceeds are from the business sale or whether the process is easy or hard. Unfortunately, there’s no best way to determine when it’s the right time to sell. Obviously, it’s best to sell your business when revenues and earnings are still on their way up.  But, if you’re thinking about retirement or you’d like to open a new business in a different industry, it might be the right time to sell. If you’re considering selling for any reason, talking to the Austin business brokers at CGK is the perfect way to make sure you get the right help to get the best deal for your business and to sell it fast. Plus, when you work with us, you can make sure the deal is as smooth as possible, so you can sell the business and move onto whatever the future holds for you.

What Can a Business Broker Do for You?

Austin business brokers assist clients who want to buy or sell a business. We help with business valuations, finding buyers for your company or sellers for the type of company you want to buy, and the due diligence process that needs to be done before a business is sold. We work with you through every step of the selling or buying process, ensuring you have everything you need and that the sale will be completed without issue. We have banking, legal, and and accounting contacts that help the process.  We make it easy for you to buy or sell a business.

Ready to learn more about selling your business?

How to Sell Your Business With Us

Once you’ve decided to sell, it’s a good idea to learn more about the selling process. Overall, this includes finding out a fair value for the business, organizing the finances, preparing the marketing materials, and, last, but certainly not least, finding the right buyer. We can help with each of these steps, so you have less to worry about and can start focusing on the changes in your life once the business is sold.
  • Business Valuation – We know you’ve spent a lot of time working on building up the business, so we can help with the business valuation. We appraise your business by looking into every detail to make sure we find a fair value to market the business at to attract buyers and make sure you get a good price and the best terms.
  • Organizing Finances and Preparing Marketing Materials – We’ll go through the finances of your business to make sure we find the true “cash flow” of the business, highlight the business’s strengths, along with pointing out its potential. Buyers want to see a complete package, so they can make sure the business will be right for them.  Don’t settle for brokers who prepare inferior marketing materials or make mistakes with the financials.  This is a common complaint from serious buyers.
  • Finding the Right Buyer – We then work to find the right buyer. Though this is the hardest part of selling a business, we can help make it easier. We’ll discretely market the business, screen responses and non-disclosure agreements, and make sure potential buyers have the finances to purchase your business.

We Can Help Buyers, As Well

Working with a business broker isn’t just for those who want to sell their business. If you’re interested in buying a company, we can help. You’ll want to consider the type of business you want to buy, think about your current experience, and find a business that’s going to be suitable for you. Then, once we help you find a business to buy, you’ll want to go through the next few steps, below, to make sure it’s the right company for you and that you will want to purchase it.  We also help business owners who want to expand their current businesses through acquisition.
  • Meet With the Seller and Ask the Right Questions– Meeting with the seller gives you the chance to ask pertinent questions and find out if this is the right business to buy for you. You’ll learn more about the company, why it’s being sold, what the value of the business is, and what the future growth and profits you might look like, if you purchase it.
  • Research the Industry – Research the latest trends in the industry to make sure the business is going to continue being profitable. We can help with the research, so you will know what to expect from the business and whether the business has long-term viability or whether something that might change in the near future.
  • Review Company Finances – It’s always necessary to review the company finances to make sure the business is in good standing now, so you can start bringing in profits as soon as possible after the sale. We’ll help you, along with an accountant, to go through the finances to see if there are any red flags.
  • Put In an Offer – If you are happy with the above information, the next step is to put in an offer. This is accomplished through a Letter of Intent (LOI).  Once it’s accepted by the seller, and you finish due diligence, banking and legal, you can close on the business and become the new owner.

Why Work With Us?

As the top business brokers in Austin, CGK has an unparalleled sales record and significant experience with dealmaking in the business brokerage industry. Our team of experts knows how to sell a business. Right now, less than 20% of all businesses on the market will sell. However, we sell more than 80%. Our experience makes it possible for us to sell almost every profitable business. If you want to work with the best business broker, you’ll want to work with CGK.
We know Austin well. We don’t just work here but live here as well. We also know the business market in Austin, so we know what sellers are looking for and what buyers need. We can close the sale and make sure it’s done right, preventing possible issues in the future. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you buy or sell a business.
  • Selling a business is not easy.  Less than 20% of all business on the market sell.  We sell 80%+.  We sell all viable businesses.  EVERY, SINGLE ONE.  The ones we don’t?  The ones that struggle unexpectedly after going to market.  Otherwise, we sell them ALL.
  • Since selling your business will likely be one of the largest financial transactions in your life, can you trust this process to those with inferior track records, financial skills, educations, or credentials?  If you were sick, you’d want the best doctor.  If you were sued, you’d want the best attorney.  Why would you want anything less than the best Austin business brokers to sell your business?
  • We love love what we do. We love selling businesses in Austin TX. We sell businesses for outstanding prices and find good buyers to continue your business’s legacy.  We are your Austin business brokers.  These are the foundations of our business.

We know Austin.

We have strolled Zilker Park, partied down Sixth Street, marveled at the Texas State Capitol, rocked out at SXSW, and supported our University of Texas Longhorns. From Georgetown in the north down to Kyle and Buda in south, and from Lago Vista in the west to Hutto in the east, we’ve been there. Round Rock, Pflugerville, Lakeway, Cedar Park? Of course. And we’ve tasted the barbecue at Franklin’s (yes, we stood in line), and we know the secret menu at Torchy’s. So we know Austin.
But even more, we know Austin businesses. We know this market and what sellers need and what buyers want. We have the ability to close a sale and the expertise to know it’s closed right. Contact us today to start a confidential, no obligation conversation.

CGK Business Sales, Austin Office:
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