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Want to Own Your Own Business? An Insider Technique That Reduces Risk, Saves You Time and Effort

Are you tired of working for someone else? Ready to take the plunge and become a business owner? You aren't alone. According to the Chamber of Commerce website, for the period of 2009-2016, around 400,000 small businesses are started each year. However, as we all know, the road to success ...

Preparing for a Business Valuation in Five Simple Steps

Whether you're getting ready to retire or planning to add a partner, conducting a business valuation is always momentous. A careful, comprehensive business valuation can help you, a buyer, or another party make any of a wide range of important, informed decisions. Most business valuations proceed smoothly, and this is ...

Can You Sell Your Business Without a Business Broker?

The vast majority of business owners work for years to build their organization, but they will need to sell that business eventually. When that time arrives, most owners look for ways to guarantee the highest net when finalizing the sale. One way to cut selling costs is to market the ...

Common Issues When Selling Your Business

Successfully selling a business is rarely easy, and far too many business owners fail to realize how difficult the selling process can be. In many instances, business owners become frustrated and make decisions that undermine their efforts. That’s why CGK Business Sales takes the time to work closely with every ...

When to Know Whether It Is Time to Sell Your Company

It can be difficult letting go of a business you have spent years growing. Some owners hold on to their business way too long and end up suffering financial setbacks. Knowing when it is time to let go is not always easy. Knowing when to sell your company is a ...

Business Brokers Have Better Closing Rates

A dedicated business broker can dramatically improve closing rates on businesses for sale. But why? Here are five reasons business brokers can make a huge difference. #1 – They Know Buyers When you’re selling your business, obviously you want to reach as many potential buyers as possible. Business brokers simply ...

Employees are a Key Factor When Selling Your Business

No business can truly succeed without quality employees. No matter what industry you’re in, you need employees that are capable and caring. And of course, the opposite can happen as well. We’ve all heard horror stories of businesses broken by a handful of key employees who either don’t care or ...

What is Your Business Worth Without You?

Many business owners want to know what their business is worth, but business buyers want to know what it’s worth after the original seller is out of the picture. You see, buyers determine value not by how well your business is run, but by how well it’s run without you ...

Selling a Business? Honesty is the Best Policy

Forbes reported recently that nearly half of all business sales deals fall apart during the due diligence phase. One of the most common reasons is the buyer uncovering issues that the sellers neglected to disclose. Ouch. When it comes to selling a business, honesty really is the best policy. It’s ...

The First 4 Questions to Ask a Business Broker

Selling your business is one of the most important transactions you’ll ever make in your career. And buying a business is similarly complicated and potentially confusing. It’s no wonder then that you’ll hear time and time again that the best way to navigate the sale or purchase of business is ...

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