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Keeping Your Business Sale Confidential

For business sellers, maintaining confidentiality is a crucial part of the sale process. If creditors, competitors, customers, or employees find out that there’s an impending sale, it could adversely affect the business’ momentum and its value. Working with an experienced, qualified M&A advisor who knows how to navigate a sale ...
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Factors Determining Your Business Sale Profit

Selling a business is a complex endeavor that usually requires the assistance of bankers, accountants, attorneys, and mergers and acquisition advisors. Whether the owner profits depends on the sale’s timing, the strength and structure of the business, and the reason for the sale. Reviewing these considerations can help a business ...
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Selling a Business Starts with an Appropriate Valuation

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) experts report the most important step in marketing any business is properly valuing that business before taking any other steps. To determine a business’s value, several aspects of the business must be considered. Financial Statements Must Be in Order No prospective investor will consider purchasing a ...
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Creating an Exit Strategy

All too often, business owners wait to form an exit strategy until they’re ready to sell. However, insufficient advanced planning can cause the owner to receive a diminished valuation at the time of the sale. Below are several best practices CGK recommends to those looking to cash out: Ensure That ...
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How to Avoid Mistakes When Selling Your Business

Thinking about selling your company? While some sales may go off without a hitch, others flounder due to errors made by inexperienced brokers or owners who are not prepared to sell. In this blog, we’ll explore key pitfalls to avoid as you prepare your company for sale. Premature Celebration The ...
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Determining When it’s Time to Sell

While the late, great Vince Lombardi famously said “Quitters never win and winners never quit”, that’s not always true in the business world. Rather, a winner knows when it’s the right time to get out. Many business owners delay decisions and hang on too long, but this mistake is entirely ...
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Preparing to Sell a Business

Business owners often put years of hard work and dedication into their companies, and they may not know what to do after they’re done building. If a sale is in the cards, the owner should know that preparation is a long-term effort. If you’re ready to sell, consider the tips ...
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Getting Help When Selling Your Business

Although buyers for businesses are not in short supply, matching a buyer with an existing business isn’t always as simple as it might sound. That’s why mergers and acquisitions experts suggest anyone contemplating selling a business work with a local business broker for best results. We are currently in the ...
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When Hiring A Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor…

You’ve worked hard over the years to build a business that would take care of you and your family. Now, you think it might be time to sell your business. This is a decision that most business owners do not take lightly. They are proud of what they’ve built and ...
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Things Needed To Sell A Business

Many potential business sellers call us and ask what they need to begin the process of selling their business. So, what do you need if you are a seller? Good and up-to-date financial records Good financials are extremely important to the process of selling a business. While these do not ...
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