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five good reasons to sell your business

Five Good Reasons To Sell Your Business

At some point or another, every business owner asks themselves: is it time to sell my business? Knowing when to sell (and how) can have a huge impact on the proceeds from the sale. It’s not just a matter of knowing if it’s a good time to put a business ...
Preparation Is the Key to Successfully Selling a Business

Preparation Is the Key to Successfully Selling a Business

Each year, quite a few entrepreneurs decide to sell their businesses. That decision comes about for many reasons. Ideally, it arises at the end of a long and successful journey. At that point, business owners may be ready to retire or move on to other opportunities. In some cases, though, ...
What to Consider When Selling an Online Business

What to Consider When Selling an Online Business

More entrepreneurs than ever have been finding success in building businesses online in recent years, which is great news. If you're in this position, congratulations on succeeding in a competitive environment. Now, let's talk about what to consider before capitalizing on that success and selling the business. This article focuses ...
trends when selling your business

Trends When Selling Your Business

Since 2020 small business owners have been on a wild ride caused by labor shortages, Covid surges, and supply chain issues. Many companies were hard hit, some were only mildly affected, and others prospered. These events have created new trends in the business world, prompting many owners to choose this ...
making a successful exit when selling your business

Making a Successful Exit When Selling Your Business

Building a successful business is an incredible accomplishment. It takes years for most aspiring business owners to get to that point, and many never make it. Now that you've accomplished that amazing goal, there may eventually come a time to start considering how to make an equally successful exit. Making ...
What Do All Profitable Businesses Have in Common

What Do All Profitable Businesses Have in Common?

Running a business can be challenging, to say the least. According to the United States Small Business Administration or SBA, roughly one in twelve small businesses close during a given year. While these numbers may be a bit disheartening, potential sellers can achieve success if they follow the right steps ...
How Will Rising Interest Rates Affect Selling My Business

How Will Rising Interest Rates Affect Selling My Business?

Recent economic developments have had wide-ranging effects, many of which have been seen in M&A or mergers and acquisitions. Inflation has reached unprecedented levels, and the Federal Reserve's response has been to raise interest rates. The increase has created a great deal of uncertainty, especially where business sales are concerned ...
Coming Up With The Right Price When Selling Your Business

Coming Up With The Right Price When Selling Your Business

One of the critical elements involved when selling a business is determining a price. Coming up with the right price when selling your business is a crucial step, one that could make or break a deal. The seller won’t generate the best return if the price is too low. On ...
Go With Experienced Brokers

Go With Experienced Brokers

Whether they’re getting out of the industry for personal reasons or to pursue a different line of work, many business owners wonder whether they should hire a business brokerage when they sell. While a DIY sale is certainly possible, it’s not always advisable. An inexperienced Seller may scare off the ...
Defending your EBITDA

Defending your EBITDA

Potential buyers typically focus on a company’s cash flow, revenue, and net income when measuring its value and financial standing. However, another metric has become a common way to track and compare profitability between companies and sectors: EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation & Amortization). Here, we will explain EBITDA ...

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