Owning a business may be a dream, but the process of taking an idea and turning it into a viable organization is sometimes more of a nightmare. There is a lot of effort involved and most startups will not find enough funding to get off the ground. Many others do not make it past their first year in business. These facts do not mean that anyone should give up their entrepreneurial plans, they just need an alternative path to reach the success they desire.

Why not look into buying a successful business?

One method that offers more security is taking over the reins of an established company. When you buy a business, you own something with a proven track record of success, and it’s easier to prove to lenders that the company can make a profit. A business acquisition provides the new owner with a company that already has brand recognition and a client list.

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Ever think about acquiring another business to grow yours?

An existing business owner should also consider the possibility of expansion through acquisition. Acquisitions help to increase product lines, customer bases, and expand the menu of services you can offer.  Buying another business may also offer cost-saving synergies that are realized over time.  A merger with or the purchase of a competing company instantly eliminates the risk they once posed, increases client lists, and much more, without any undue effort.  Through higher aggregate cash flow levels and the effects of multiple arbitrage, the potential value of the company can be boosted immediately, and the acquisition sends a strong signal to potential clients of the company.

What’s best for you?

Weighing the pros and cons of starting a new company or buying an existing one is an important decision. You should consider the time it will take to determine the potential market for your product, the dollars and time it will take to establish a new brand, and the employees need to hire to make your idea a reality. Even seemingly simple decisions like developing and registering a logo, a company name, and basic marketing plans could take months or longer to choose and there are no guarantees they will appeal to your target customer. Another benefit of buying a business is that you can will immediately have the guidance of the previous owner and usually an existing, trained staff that makes it possible to continue the daily operations without interruption. You’ll be able to make changes and improvements of course, but the foundation has already been established.

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The ins and outs of mergers and acquisitions are easier to understand when working with a company that specializes in this type of service. Its a business transaction that enables everyone to get what they want. The existing business owner can see the continuation of the business they created, while being able to move on to other projects or retire. The buyer has a company that instantly becomes their own, working to mold it over time into their own unique organization. Find out more about the potential this opportunity offers before making any other investment.  Call your nearest CGK branch or confidentially email us below.

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